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Opera-Tune MOMENTS

Share a musical moment with your class, club, or colleagues

You've heard of a book club, but how about an opera club? Cleveland Opera Theater's NEW Opera-Tune Moments is an exciting way to build relationships with old friends or meet new ones who share your interest in our favorite art form - OPERA!


Each month, Cleveland Opera Theater will release a digital packet of resources for subscribers to utilize in facilitating their own opera club - including guided questions to facilitate deep listening, suggested recordings, and background information to contextualize the opera - focused on a single masterpiece. We will also relate each opera to other pieces of music in various genres, drawing out and exploring common themes among the works that enhance listeners' understanding of and appreciation for each. The themes we highlight demonstrate opera's relevance to global culture in the 21st century and can be adapted for discussion with all age groups.


Opera-Tune Moments is a particularly valuable tool for self-motivated and social learners of all backgrounds and experience levels who wish to share their listening journey with like-minded friends. Clubs can move at their own pace, meet as frequently as desired, and delve as profoundly into the material as you wish!

Why Opera-Tune Moments?

  • Cultivated discussion materials

  • Access to members-only events

  • Customizable for all ages

  • Flexible meeting schedule


Individuals - $40/year

Nonprofit - $80/year

Corporate - $120/year


Questions? Interested in getting started? Contact

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