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Engage in OPERA

Participate in the creative art-making process.

Digging more deeply into the socio-political undertones, historic context, and the compositional background of the work, enables the initial enjoyment factor to grow and develop into an experience that engages the emotions, the heart, and the mind through an emotional, intellectual and personal connection as only the power of opera can provide.

Opera-Tune Moments 


Our NEW Opera-Tune Moments is the reimagined Opera Club of our pre-pandemic days. Share a musical moment with your class, club, or colleagues!

Programs to Go

Founded on the principle "Opera Per Tutti" (Opera for All), Cleveland Opera Theater brings educational programs TO YOU. We believe that appreciation of this complex art form comes not only from seeing it, but also from exploring it fully and engaging with it in a hands-on capacity. 


With this in mind, we have crafted original programming for all ages aimed at demystifying opera. From Opera Speed-Dating to our Video DJ Opera Concerts, we have a wide range of programs designed to help audiences EXPERIENCE, EXPLORE, and ENGAGE with opera.

Library Audience Enjoying Lecture
Young Artists Participating in Virtual Masterclasses

Online Master Classes

Cleveland Opera Theater staff and guest artists

offer master classes streamed on Youtube focusing on:

Audition Preparation, Language, Style & Diction, Drama, Interpretation, Business and more.  


Designed for Conservatory and College students, and recently graduated Young Artists to participate interactively, and streamed live on Youtube for all to watch, learn, and enjoy.

Spring 2021 Schedule TBA

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