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June 7 - 25, 2021 @ Edgewater Park

9:00a - 4:00p (lunch and snacks will be provided)

A FREE Summer arts-intensive for middle and high-school aged CLE youth presented in partnership with Cleveland Metroparks' Youth Outdoors, produced by Starting Point.



Working alongside professional teaching artists, learn to tell your story through lyrics, dance, visual arts, and more. High School students will craft an original opera scene to be produced at the end of the program. From choosing the topic to setting it to music, the only limitations are your own imagination!



While the program will primarily take place outdoors at Edgwater Park, Cleveland Metroparks Youth Outdoors will guide your exploration of Cleveland's amazing outdoor spaces through nature hikes, fishing, and more!



Build meaningful friendships and learn from each other through partnered and group work. Middle school performers will be paired with an older student “mentor” as rehearsals progress. 


Week 1: High School Creators WRITE the show

Week 2: High School Creators DESIGN the show

Week 3: High School Creators MENTOR Middle

School Creators to REHEARSE the show

Every week, Youth Outdoors will provide outdoor recreational activities for Creators to experience, explore, and engage in the Metroparks.



By experiencing the wonder of nature and developing skills in outdoor recreation, our Creators will gain a life-long appreciation and understanding of the importance of parks and nature. Outdoor activities like building epic sand castles will complement and expand on the arts sessions.



YOU design the show. With the assistance of professional set designers, costumers, and props masters, Creators interested in all aspects of theatrical production are invited to learn how to direct, rehearse, and produce the original scenes they write!​



Our Creators will market their show to community members in Detroit Shoreway (and beyond!) under the guidance of marketing professionals and will end the program with a public production!

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