Upcoming Auditions

Please fill out the on-line form below to request an audition.  Date, time and location will be arranged by appointment.

Audition Details

will be held for the following:

  • Main Stage

  • Opera UpClose 

  • New Opera Works

  • Opera For All Outreach

  • Chorus


  • Free Parking on-site


  • Warm up room on-site


  • Professional Audition Accompanist available:

    • Fee to cover the cost of the on-site professional accompanist:

      • $20 For Leading Roles, UpClose, New Opera Works, and Opera For All Outreach

        • (there are multiple selections for these auditions see Audition materials below)

      • There is no fee if you bring your own accompanist

      • There is no accompanist fee for Chorus auditions

        • (only one selection for chorus audition see Audition materials below.)


  • Cash or check made out to Cleveland Opera Theater on site at the audition


Audition Materials

Please fill out your information in the form below to request an audition time. 


Auditions are scheduled several times throughout the year.  Provide the dates you are available and you will be scheduled for the next upcomming audition day.

Please email your Resume and headshot to: cwilson@clevelandoperatheater.org

  • PDF format

    • 1 File containing your headshot and resume (this can be multiple pages)

      • Titled in the following format:   Lastname_Firstname_COT


You'll be notified via email with your confirmed time and provided additional information at that time.

Audition Repertoire

Mainstage, Opera UpClose, and Outreach - Leading / Supporting Roles  

Please prepare 3 selections:

  • 2 Arias that best showcases your talents in Italian, French, German or English *(see details below)

  • 1 English Language Selection:  Operetta (Sung in English) ,  20th /  21st century opera or Music Theater *(see details below


New Opera Works {NOW}

Please prepare 2 selections:

  • 1 aria that best showcase your talents in contemporary English repertoire, operatic, music theater, art song etc.

  • 1 selection that showcases your crossover abilities such as, Jazz standards, American Songbook, Contemporary Commercial Music, pop, rock etc.  

  • If you are a specialist in one or more of these, please indicate this when you contact Cliff Wilson to set up your audition, we can make special arrangements to hear selections from your area of expertise for consideration for specific New Opera repertoire that might cross over into these specific styles.



Please prepare 1 selection:

  • 1 Selection that best showcases your talents in Italian, French, German or English


*We want to know the strengths of the professional artists in the greater Cleveland area.  Future season repertoire planning will be based in large part on knowledge of your talent.  Therefore, please use the following guidelines regarding repertoire for these 2 arias to showcase your talents:

  • Cleveland Opera Theater Produces repertoire including:

    • Traditional Grand Opera

    • Contemporary Opera in English

    • Light Opera /   Operetta

    • Music Theater ranging from Golden Age thru Contemporary crossover.  


  • Please base your repertoire choices on this to best showcase what you do.  For instance if you specialize in Italian Bel Canto then please prepare a bel canto aria and an appropriate English aria.  If you are a "cross-over" artist, then please prepare an operetta aria and a music theater selection. etc.  If you have any questions please contact us.



Each audition will be approximately 10 minutes in duration

  • We will likely hear 2 selections. 

  • You will lead with the selection of your choosing. 

  • We may work with you a bit musically and dramatically in the context of your audition.  

  • Young Artists: We might hear the entire second piece, or ask to hear sections from your other selection

  • Leading / Supporting Roles we might ask to hear part of your 2nd and 3rd selection

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