Why Opera?  Why Cleveland?  Why Now?


The beautiful art of opera has become an endangered species in Cleveland, and in cities throughout the world. COT has served as a tireless champion for the preserved legacy and advancement of the art form in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio for ten years, with a growing voice of prominence and influence in the international operatic community.   COT believes that Cleveland’s arts and culture legacy, and the current and future artistic communities, deserve the presence of professional opera theater as a dynamic component of that arts community.


Opera is the original interdisciplinary art form.  Opera is the Creative Place-maker, with the ability to increase the efficacy and support of interior capitalization models Based on diversity, entrepreneurial investment models.


Opera is inherently interdisciplinary, and therefore is unique in the ability to absorb and give back to the community by incorporating all the art forms, with an appeal across boundaries of socio-economic status, language, and cultures.  The presence of an opera company in the city provides exponential growth opportunities, and offers unique and significant benefits for parameter analyses and quality of life valuations and metric algorithms.  An opera company establishes increased capacity for establishing diversity in Mixed Use Developments, Arts & Culture, and Live Entertainment.


Cleveland Opera Theater employs more than 80 local professional artists annually.  COT’s contractual payments to singing actors, instrumental musicians, conductors, stage directors, design and production artists, administrators, and vendors responsible for producing critically acclaimed performances demonstrate steady growth each year.


COT seeks partnerships with forward thinking leaders in an effort to build our company, and to contribute to the richness and diversity of the cultural fabric of our great city through operatic excellence and innovation! COT is committed to building the community through our contributions to arts and culture through opera.


Join COT in restoring World Class Opera for a World Class City!


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