The Experience

Pre Performance

Make your dinner reservations at one of the many exciting restaurants near the performance venue, or check out the pre and post -show events sponsored by AMICI or the Opera Guild.

Arrive to the venue early, grab a drink and a seat for Opera Intro - a fast-paced, interactive introduction to the opera you're about to experience. Ask questions, and discover what to look and listen for in the performance!



During the Performance

Experience Opera Theater - the unmatched power of the live, unamplified human voice in soaring melodies, lush orchestral sounds, compelling dramatic stories, and moving singing acting performances.  

Bring your beverage to your seat. There are no rules about how you enjoy yourself at the opera, just keep it family friendly, Clap & Cheer when you're moved!



After the Performance

Buy your ticket to join us at post-performance VIP receptions.  Meet the artists, mingle with other patron guests, make new friends and connections!  Ask questions about what you saw and heard, discuss your opinions, and share the opera theater experience with other audience members and the cast.  


We celebrate in the post-production receptions, the conversation between performing artists and fellow audience members, the first-time opera goer with a newly discovered operatic passion, the shedding of a falsely believed in stereotype by someone who “thought they didn’t like opera before experiencing the current production, and the realization from a long-time operatic supporter that opera is still a relevant art form, one which invites the audience to take part in a moving opera - theater experience.  Some receptions are part of the performance ticket, some require a separate ticket for admission.  

Check the details listed for each production. Check out the pre and post -show events sponsored by AMICI or the Opera Guild.


Join us at our upcoming performances.  Bring your friends & family and spread the word that opera is accessible, engaging, affordable and exciting!   

100% of Your Tax-Deductible donation will support Cleveland Opera Theater!

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