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What We Do

Our season features a balanced mix of programs encompassing all that the Operatic art form has to offer with these five components:


Mainstage Productions

Grand scale productions of standard repertoire favorites, rarely performed works, and light opera featuring orchestra, staging, scenery, costumes and lighting.


Opera UpClose

Intimate performances in restaurants, craft-breweries, warehouses, and other pop-up and site-specific venues foster contemporary approaches to opera in non-traditional spaces, engage new audiences, and offer unique experiences for seasoned opera fans that compliment our main stage productions.


{NOW} Fest

Annual festival to create, develop, and produce new opera.


Community Outreach

Free Summer Concerts  and the Amahl and The Night Visitors touring production provide access to high quality live opera in greater Cleveland, engage community members, build the current audience base, and foster greater arts and culture awareness and accessibility in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.  



Interactive pre-performance Opera - 101 programs and Distance learning broadcasts empower audiences with greater understanding of the art form to enhance their experience at the opera.  Community Artist and Young Artist programs 

involve community youth and adults in the creative art-making process of opera to develop the audience and artists of the future through transformative participation in opera.

Traditional,  Contemporary
 and Innovative
Traditional - Contemporary - Innovative


  • Honor the legacy of opera with grand opera favorites, rarely performed works, and light opera productions that offer the full operatic experience


  • Advance opera in the present by engaging the community and new audiences, and by fostering contemporary approaches to opera that explore re-imagined productions, productions in non-traditional venues and interdisciplinary collaborations


  • Innovate for the future of opera by promoting the creation, development and performance of new operas, and by educating and developing the audience and artists of tomorrow

Artistic Philosophy

Who We Are

Accessible,  Affordable,  Relevant, Engaging  and  Exciting!

Our heritage and our motto is “Opera For All.”  


We break down barriers and stereotypes of what opera is “supposed” to be, and shatter the myths that opera is an elite art form for the privileged few.  


We believe that Opera is meant to be enjoyed by all!  That people from all backgrounds, if given the opportunity, will be moved by the unique beauty and transformative qualities of opera.  ​

We treat opera as theater 


We believe that Opera is a vital and relevant art form possessing the unique power to communicate across boundaries of socio-economic status, cultures, and languages through the power of the human voice.  


Our fan base consists of the young and the young at heart, opera aficionados, first time operagoers, and everyone in between!


We present immediately accessible opera theater experiences you don't have to be an expert.  No prior knowledge of opera is necessary to enjoy your experience at the opera, and veteran opera fans will discover artistically satisfying experiences. 


We feature professional artists with roots in the community, those who make Northeast Ohio their home, and those of international renown.  


We foster collaboration and interdisciplinary projects with other arts organizations and institutions.


Powerful singing acting performances communicate passionate human emotions, struggles, and triumphs.


Productions maintain an atmosphere of intimacy, intensity, and power

performances are immersive live opera-theater experiences that engage all of your senses with singing, acting, live orchestra, costumes, sets, lights, food and drink!

How We Do It

Cleveland Opera Theater



We invite you up-close to the action to participate in an emotional journey through music, movement and text.


Productions feature engaging storytelling rooted in the relevant human experiences and timeless dramatic themes in the operatic repertoire emphasizing the visceral relationships between text, music, movement and character.


Versatile in the ability to stage opera almost anywhere, Cleveland Opera Theater offers performances in a variety of accessible venues and settings, at affordable prices, with emphasis on believable acting and beautiful singing.

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Cleveland Opera Theater
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