New to Opera?

You've come to the right place to experience opera for the first time, and hopefully for many years to come! 


Opera is more familiar and accessible than you might think.


Read more below and make your plans to join COT for an exciting opera theater experience!

What is Opera?


  • Opera is theater set to music.


  • The format of Opera is similar to musical theater


  • In opera there is a plot.  The story can be comedic, tragic and anywhere in between.


  • The words are set to music and sung


  • The expressive qualities of music, combine with the expressive qualities of text to communicate more powerfully


  • The characters are portrayed by singing actors who sing (and sometimes speak) their lines.


  • There are costumes, sets, lights, & orchestra.  




No Prior Knowledge Necessary to Enjoy Opera

You'll be entertained by the tuneful melodies, lush orchestral sounds, powerful singing acting performances, stunning sets, lights and costumes.  In fact, you already know many of the most famous melodies in opera that are used in film, television and advertising.  Come to the opera and experience the transformative power of this accessible art form for yourself

Opera, the misunderstood entertainment artform

Opera is an artform that is greatly misunderstood, mostly due to a lack of familiarity.  Opera can be intimidating simply becasue it is unknown. Many think they don't like opera despite never having attended a performance, or having seen one production that they didn't enjoy.


Opera is not an elite art form meant to be enjoyed by the privelaged few. Opera is a dynamic form of live theatrical entertainment that can be enjoyed by all who take the time to explore and discover opera. 


Many  are surprised that they actually enjoy opera if they give it a chance, or second chance.  Those who have discovered opera know that the art form speaks to the human experience in away that engages both the heart and the mind in a truly transformative experience.  


Rather than a removed museum piece that tells stories of "what happened" hundreds of years ago, Opera tells stories of "what happens" in human relationships, politics, social struggles, and experiences, in a way that speaks across boundaries of language and culture, and in a way that is accessible, relevant, and engaging, as only Opera can be. 

Enhance your engagement

Opera is a form of live theatrical entertainment that is immediately enjoyable.   Opera also offers the opportunity to become more deeply engaged and involved in the works.  As your interest in opera grows, there is a richer and more rewarding experience to be discovered.


Digging more deeply into the socio-political undertones, historic context, and the compositional background of the work, enables the initial enjoyment factor to grow and develop into an experience that engages the emotions, the heart, and the mind through an emotional, intellectual and personal connection as only the power of opera can provide.  

Speak Italian: 


Spoken Theater has a script containing the lines the characters speak.  


In Opera, the script is called a libretto, pronounced like:  [Lee - Brett- toe].   


Libretto is Italian for "little book" - literally the little book of words that make up the plot.

Curious to know more?


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