Opera For All
Build a sustainable, professional, outstanding Opera Company for Northeast Ohio championing Opera For All.


Mission Objectives:

  • Make live professional opera accessible, engaging, affordable, relevant and exciting in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio


  • Enrich the cultural life in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio with world class professional opera productions that are traditional, contemporary and innovative


  • Feature professional artists with roots in the community, those who make Northeast Ohio their home, and those of international renown


  • Provide accessible gateways to discover opera, to experience opera, and to learn about opera


  • Engage marginalized youth in underserved and disadvantaged communities and youth and adults in the greater Cleveland region in the creative art-making process of opera


  • Foster greater arts and culture awareness and accessibility with free community outreach performances throughout the Northeast Ohio region


  • Develop and empower the audience and artists of the future through exceptional educational programming


  • Embrace collaboration and foster interdisciplinary projects with other arts and community organizations, and educational and service institutions


World Class Opera in Cleveland 


Our vision is that people from all backgrounds, if given the opportunity, will be moved by the unique beauty and transformative qualities of opera.  


We believe that Opera is a vital and relevant art form possessing the unique power to communicate across boundaries of socio-economic status, cultures, and languages through the power of the human voice.  

World Class Opera in Cleveland

Core Values

Engage - Empower - Involve
Traditional  -  Contemporary  -  Innovative


  • Engage, Empower, and Involve the Community


  • Honor the Legacy of Opera


  • Advance Opera in the Present


  • Innovate for the Future of Opera


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Cleveland Opera Theater
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